In telecommunications, a demarc extension is the transmission path originating from the interface of the access provider's side of a telecommunications circuit demarcation point within a premise and ending at the termination point prior to the interface of the edge Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). This may include in-segment equipment, media converters and patch cords as required to complete the circuit's transmission path to the edge CPE.

J&J Communications provides all services and equipment necessary to connect the circuit to your internal network equipment, including Demarc Extensions -- the transmission path from the access provider's Demarcation point to the edge of the end user's network.  We provide facility cabling, circuit testing and maintenance. 

J&J Communications can deliver an accelerated and exceptional level of service for the installation of your demarc extension.  It is through our experience of completing thousands of demarc extensions that we are able to provide you and your team with the expertise to get your jobs done rapidly and right the first time.

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